About Us


Integrative Functional Nutrition and Wellness Center (IFNW) offers the unique nutrition training program which integrates the functional and applicable knowledge of modern nutrition to be applicable in a real life situation.



Be among leaders to integrate the diverse elements of modern nutritional knowledge and disseminate in the most practical, applicable and utilizable approach.



Company Overview
The Integrative Functional Nutrition and Wellness Center, located in the center of Bangkok Thailand. Our training course was meticulously constructed and supervised by professionals with their exclusive expertise in the field of clinical dietitian, pharmacologist, pharmaceutical botanist and toxicologist......... The IFNW Nutrition Training Program is officially accredited by ANCB (The American Naturopathic Certification Board) since May, 2013. IFNW is also designated by ANCB as an official representative exclusively in Thailand for the proctored examination of the American Board Certified in Nutritional Wellness (CNW).



Program Director

A.Kamon Chaiyasit


General Manager

Kanokpong Muangsri